China Grants Additional GM Approvals for Planting and Import

JANUARY 19, 2024

China's Ministry of Agriculture has approved additional varieties of GM soybeans and maize for production and import, as well as expanding areas on which GM planting is approved. The ministry has approved six additional GM maize varieties, two additional GM soybean varieties, and an additional GM cotton variety for production, whilst the herbicide-tolerant soybean variety DBN8002 and the herbicide-tolerant maize variety DP202216 have been approved for import. The approvals have been granted for five years, effective Jan 2, 2024. It is also understood that the permitted planting areas for most of the varieties have been expanded from ecologically suitable areas, such as the Northern and Southern producing regions, to nationwide.

This latest announcement follows China's recent approval for 26 companies to produce, distribute and sell genetically modified maize and soybean seeds in certain provinces (see AgbioNews Jan 8, 2024).