GM Monitor – GM Crop Approvals June 2024

JUNE 21, 2024

AgbioInvestor’s free-to-access service AgbioInvestor GM Monitor has identified the following GM trait approvals up to June 2024. Expanded details on these recently approved traits, as well as for approvals dating back as far as 1992, can be found on AgbioInvestor’s GM Monitor website.

MON 87411 maize (MON-87411-9), developed by Monsanto before its acquisition by Bayer, has received cultivation approval in Argentina.

MON 87411 maize possesses glyphosate herbicide tolerance through the introduction of the CP4 epsps, and the Cry3Bb1 and dvSnf7 genes, to confer coleopteran resistance, specifically against corn rootworm (Diabrotica spp.). The dvSnf7 gene provides a novel mode of action of the control of coleopteran pests as it utilises ribonucleic acid interference (RNAi), a method of post transcriptional gene silencing, compared to the typical Cry proteins utilised in most other forms of in-seed crop protection. The dvSnf7 gene is also being utilised in a number of other maize trait stacks that have gained cultivation approval in the America's, full details can be found by viewing AgbioInvestor's GM Monitor approvals database. MON 87411 was developed through agrobacterium-mediated transformation to contain the desired genetic information, and successful genetic transformation was then screened for using a selectable marker.

MON 87411 received cultivation approval in Australia & New Zealand, Canada and the USA in 2015, Brazil in 2018, and Argentina in 2018. It has gained food/feed approval in 17 countries and food only approval in three. In May 2024, China provided food/feed import approval for the last two remaining maize genetic events being cultivated in Argentinean maize, MON 87411 trait as well as DAS 59112, resulting in Argentina looking to begin maize exports to China. Previously, Argentinean growers growing varieties containing MON 87411 or DAS 59112 represented a barrier to exporting grain to China.